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We strive for an inclusive unique database that represents the majority of the population. Therefore we are looking for fresh talents with a strong personality. Fearless, happy kids between 3 and 18 years old with unique or unusual features and a sparkle in their eyes, who love to shine in front of the camera.

The right personality is a plus for us. During some productions, a lot can be asked of the talents. That is why it is important that our talents can follow instructions well and can concentrate for a longer period of time.

If this sounds like your child, we look forward to receive your application.

There is no cost to register or to be included in our database.

NOTED: We are only interested in children who are not registered with more than 1 other Dutch agency and 1 other International Agency.

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We can only process fully completed registrations submitted through our online registration form. Registration by e-mail will not be processed. However, submitting a registration does not guarantee that your child can be included in our database. If we include your child in our file, you will receive a welcome letter with additional information within two weeks.

If you do not receive a welcome message, we cannot include your child in our file. Due to the large number of registrations, we will not inform you personally about this. We also do not explain our choice afterwards. In this case, you can assume that your child does not match the profile we are looking for at that moment. We hope for your understanding. You can always try again at a later stage.

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